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Vietnam Phu Quoc Travel story 2 (Sailing Club fire Show and Vin Bus)

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The fun trip to Phu Quoc continues. In late October, Phu Quoc had hot sunshine during the day and thunderstorms and showers at night. Today, we visited a pre-booked Sailing Club restaurant in Korea as a day to watch the fire show at the Sailing Resort.

Booking and viewing reviews for the Sailing Club fire Show

The Sailing Club restaurant allows you to book a seat in advance on its website. You can pay for the food except for the reservation fee by making a reservation at the site below and placing a deposit on it.

http://Sailing Club Phu Quoc & Sail Away (

sailing club restaurant
sailing club restaurant

The recommended seat for watching the fire show is marked in orange, but there was a disadvantage that you could change your seat if it rained because it was outdoors. I made a reservation for a place with six seats inside, but I didn’t have any inconvenience watching the fire show. Anyway, when the fire show started, many people stood in the aisle and continued to perform near the seats after the show, so the seat didn’t feel very important.
I set the reservation time at 6:30 and took a taxi from the resort to the sailing club around 5 o’clock. I planned to enter the restaurant after seeing the sunset on the beach in front of the sailing club.
Sailing clubs have different locations of resorts and restaurants. If you want to see the fire show, make sure to set a good route to the Sailing Club restaurant.

It took about 20 minutes by taxi from Lazure to Sailing Club. When I got out of the car, the beach was already colored with beautiful sunset.

sailing club beach
sailing club beach

The sunset in Phu Quoc was really beautiful. If you booked the sailing club Fire Show, I hope you can see the sunset, too.
After sunset, I entered the sailing club a little after 6 o’clock. I made a reservation at 6:30, but I was able to enter right away.
You are directed to a pre-booked seat and order food. I was planning to have dinner and watch the fire show before the fire show started.

sailing club food

I ordered Margherita pizza, BBQ menu, and drinks, but it was okay to eat. The second child, who didn’t like Vietnamese food, enjoyed pizza and meat.
I thought the fire show would start at 7 o’clock, but the show didn’t start until 7:30 p.m. It was a bit boring to wait for a long time after finishing the food, but when the fire show began, the boredom that I had been waiting for was gone in an instant.

sailing club fire show

Even after the fire show, they continue to show the fire show on the move. It was a performance without regret because they took a lot of pictures with the children and worked hard without any hard expressions. There was a little shower on this day. I think the fire show and the lightning in the sky created a cooler atmosphere.
I wanted to go to the night market after watching the fire show, but it rained, so I came back to the resort right away. When I arrived at the resort, it was close to 9 o’clock. I wanted to see downtown Vietnam and the night market, but the children were tired, so I ended the day and went to bed.

Use an VIN bus to get to Melia Vinpearl

The last morning at the Lazur Resort has dawned. We are moving to Vinpearl Melia to visit safaris and Vinwonders. After our last breakfast, we took a grab and stopped by King Kong Mart once more. We buy snacks, souvenirs, water, etc. and then return to the resort to check out.
When I went to Melia, there were no marts or convenience stores nearby. You have to take a shuttle to the Grand World or use hotel services, so it would be better to shop at King Kong Mart before entering the north. King Kong Mart was also the cheapest.
When a Lazure employee asked me where I was going when I checked out, so I told him I was planning to take an VIN bus to Vinpearl Melia, and he led me to the VIN bus stop with two large bags.
In fact, it was less than 10 minutes on foot, but how can I get there with my children after getting tired of the heat. I was thinking about just taking a taxi, but I was able to use the VIN
bus comfortably thanks to an angel employee who took me to the bus stop and told me that the bus would come in 2 minutes. To get to Vinpearl Melia from Lazure Resort, you can take VIN Bus No. 17 to Grand World and transfer to Bus No. 5. The VIN bus is so pleasant, so make sure to take it!! The air conditioning is good, the bus is so clean, and the people are not crowded. I finally arrived at Vinpearl Melia by bus for about an hour.

melia vinpearl
melia vinpearl

The story of the trip in Vinpearl Melia, which was so different from the Lazure Resort, will continue in the next post.

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