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Vietnam Phu Quoc Travel story No.1 (L’Azure Resort and Spa and nearby Tourism)

lazure resort breakfast

The first morning of Phu Quoc, which I’ve been waiting for, has dawned. The time difference in Vietnam is 2 hours slower than in Korea, so I opened my eyes early in the morning. I hurried to prepare and left for breakfast. From breakfast to swimming pools, beaches, and visits to nearby restaurants for lunch at the Lazure Resort.

Let’s start recording what kind of schedule we’ve been doing while staying at the Lazure Resort. In conclusion, the Lazure Resort was my recommendation. The beautiful scenery, the beach, and the staff who were kind until the end.. It’s a good restaurant on foot.. It was a place I wanted to visit once again.

a first-day schedule at the Lazure Resort

Breakfast – Resort swimming pool – Sea swimming on the beach
– Lunch (Banana Garden) – Rest at the resort
– Massage (Omega Spa) – Anba Cafe. – King Kong Mart – Grab delivery of banh mi

Our first day schedule went like this. The breakfast at the Lazure Resort seemed small, but the food was neat and there were various menus such as bread, rice noodles, fried rice, fruits, and yogurt, so I could enjoy it as much as I wanted.

The menu changed little by little every day, and I was able to start the first day of Phu Quoc Book in a good mood by drinking a lot of Vietnamese coffee. I ate a lot of dragon fruit that I didn’t eat often in Korea because dragon fruit came out every morning for breakfast. The refreshingly colored bowl went well with the lajur, but it was quite heavy, so it was a shame that it felt a little too much to hold it for a long time.


After having a full breakfast, I immediately went to the swimming pool and the beach and spent time. It was morning, but the sun was hot. Looking at the leisurely swimming pool and the calm beach, there was nothing to envy.

lazure_swimming pool

The pool is equipped with a life jacket. The staff is staying and watching. From 120M to the breakfast restaurant, the depth gets deeper and deeper, up to 180M, so we only played around 120M. The pool is open until 7 p.m.


I lie on the sunbed, drink mango juice and beer, play fresh, and then slowly get ready to eat lunch. For lunch, I chose Banana Garden, which is known as a good restaurant around the resort.

It was only a seven-minute walk from the resort to cross the crossing, but the weather was so hot that it was difficult to walk that much. I managed to arrive sweating with the children, but there was no AC, but sitting in my seat and being hit by the wind from the fan, the heat was a bit gone. Banana Garden was a popular Korean restaurant. I ordered delicious mango smoothie, pineapple smoothie, fried squid, stir-fried beef noodles, and egg fried rice for lunch.

banana garden
banana garden

Maybe because it’s a banana garden, they gave me bananas for dessert. I enjoyed both the fried squid mango smoothie and egg fried rice. The day was so hot that I came back to the accommodation right after eating and took a break in my room.

I took a break for a while and went to the massage that I had reserved in advance. Omega Massage is a massage shop run by Koreans, and if you make a reservation for more than 90 minutes, you can get a free pickup at the Lazure Resort.

Two adults, nine, and five-year-olds all opt for a 90-minute traditional Vietnamese massage. I was able to enter a separate room where four people could enter together and get a massage in a comfortable atmosphere. Sweet coconut scent, pleasant interior, veteran massage.. It was a massage that both my children and I were satisfied with. The second one got a massage and took a good night’s sleep. You can get a 20% discount on Omega Spa if you make a reservation in advance through Kakaotalk, and you can’t pay by credit card, but you can pay in copper or dollars.

By the way, currency exchange was possible at both the Lazure Resort and the Omega Spa, but the exchange rate was better at the resort.

After the massage, it was past 5 o’clock. I was walking with the intention of going grocery shopping at King Kong Mart, but there was a sudden shower, so I had to evacuate to a nearby cafe.

It was a cafe that went in without any plans, and the atmosphere was so nice The coffee was delicious.. It’s also close to King Kong Mart, so please stop by.

anba ccafe
anba ccafe

After drinking coffee, I go to King Kong Mart to buy snacks and come back to my accommodation. I bought Cherish mango, peanuts, beer, mango (cut it if you buy it), ramen, and more, and returned to the resort by Grab.
Maybe it’s because the time difference is not adjusted yet, but I feel tired even at around 6 p.m.. I planned to stop by the night market and return, but I couldn’t go there and came back to the resort. After returning to the resort, dinner is another problem.. I was thinking of ordering room service, but I decided to use the delivery service on the Grab app.
While looking at the delivery list, I noticed a restaurant called Banh Mi Saigon. I wanted to try Banh mi in Vietnam, so I ordered beef Banh mi and pork Banh mi. I can’t eat coriander, so I leave a message called “no coriander please” when delivering it. Fortunately, it was delivered well without coriander.

Personally, I liked pork banh mi more than beef. From this time on, I fell in love with banh mi and did one banh mi a day at Melia Breakfast..

This is how the first day ends.

The schedule for the second day at the Lazure Resort

Breakfast – Swimming pool, beach swimming – Lunch (Bep An Restaurant)
– Sailing Club Fire Show

The morning of the second day also starts with breakfast. Like yesterday, I spend the morning playing in the water and go outside again for lunch. When I stayed in Vinpearl Melia, I realized that there are many restaurants within walking distance, which is another advantage of Lazure Resort.

The day before, the way to the Banana Garden was too hot, so I chose a restaurant closer. I ordered bun cha, mango smoothie, and stir-fried seafood fried rice squid.

bep-an restaurant
bep-an restaurant

Bun Cha and seafood fried rice were so delicious. Bun Cha was enough to eat more by adding noodles. Fried squid was much more expensive than other foods, but it was just that. I ordered squid fried at Banana Garden the day before because it was delicious, but it wasn’t good.
On my way back from eating, there was a small pharmacy, so I bought a mosquito repellent for my child. The Vietnamese mosquito was very strong, so the bite area swelled up as the child was very itchy, so I urgently bought an ointment.
I bought three items because I heard mosquito repellent, ointment for bites, and tiger ointment white are also good for insect bites.


The pink lid is a mosquito repellent, a Remos ointment applied after a mosquito bite, and a tiger ointment. I applied two ointments frequently, and the wound subsided a lot.
If you leave the Lazure Resort and go straight to the right without crossing the street, there is a small pharmacy, so if you want to shop for pharmacies, you can refer to it.
I think the contents of watching the sailing restaurant fire Show should continue in the next article. The story of the sailing club fire show, the story of moving to Vinpearl Melia on an vin bus after checking out the Lazure Resort, will be written in the next post.

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