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Vietnam Phu Quoc travel story3 (Safari, Grand World)

grand world water taxi

The busiest day of my trip to Phu Quoc has begun. In the morning, I went on a safari and zookeeper experience, a massage after lunch at the Grand World, and even a water taxi at the Grand World while watching the sunset. I would like to write down in detail the schedule of the tour to the northern part of Phu Quoc, which was busy without a break. It was a schedule that made me feel good just in time, so I hope it will help you plan your trip.

From Vinpearl Melia to Safari by Shuttle, zookeeper for children

Today’s schedule went as below. It was a busy schedule, so it was important to distribute time well.

Vinpearl Melia – Safari Entrance – Elephant Feeding – Giraffe Feeding
– zookeeper Experience – Watching Safari (carnivores) – Moving to Grand World
– Lunch – Massage 90 minutes, Nail – Water Taxi
– Dinner – Return to Hotel

The shuttle from Vinpearl Melia to Safari departs every 30 minutes from 8:30 a.m. The safari’s opening time is 9 a.m., and the zookeeper experience runs about an hour and a half from 10:30 a.m.
To catch the 9 o’clock shuttle, I woke up the children from 7 o’clock to give them breakfast, and arrived at the hotel lobby around 8:30 p.m. If you buy a safari ticket in the lobby, you can enter right away with FACE ID. You can’t get a separate discount if you buy it at the hotel, but I bought it right away in the lobby on the day of my safari because the schedule could have been changed due to the weather or other reasons.
If you take the 9 o’clock shuttle to go on a safari, you’ll arrive around 9:30 p.m.

vinpearl safari
vinpearl safari

I quickly entered the safari to purchase tram train tickets and zookeeper tickets. When you enter the safari, you will see the first pink flamingo you see, and then the tram train ticket purchase office on the left and the zookeeper ticket purchase office on the right.
It was very hot even in the morning. I recommend you to bring plenty of water. We bought a lot of water and ice cream.
Once you’ve purchased all your tickets, you’ll have about 30 minutes to zookeeper. Let’s get on the tram and start watching quickly.
I think most of the people who open safari are Korean. The tram driver also explained a lot in Korean. If you look at the animals and walk straight, the tram stops at the reptile museum. It’s a place where you can see reptiles like crocodiles, but they recommend you get off the tram and watch it indoors.
However, we boldly passed and got off at the elephant feeding place first.

elephant feeding clip

When you approach an elephant with the food, it comes up to you and takes the food. If you put it into your nostrils, it takes care of it. If you eat excitedly and see that the food has run out, you will find out like a ghost and turn around.
After feeding the elephant, we come back to the tram and leave for the giraffe restaurant by tram. Trams roam around from time to time, so I could get on right away without waiting long.
It was about 10 o’clock when I completed the giraffe feeding mission at the giraffe restaurant. On the way out to ride the tram again, I saw a bird pavilion, so I went in for a while and looked at the colorful and pretty parrots.

giraffe feeding clip

This experience was fun, but I was very tired of the heat. It would be nice if you could prepare water and a fan so that your children don’t get hot.
It’s time for zooKeeper. About eight children attended, all of them Korean.


You can change into a zookeeper’s outfit, take quizzes about teachers and animals, clean the kennel, feed the baby tiger, and pet the baby tiger for an hour and a half. You can cut vegetables and touch wheatworms in the process of preparing the food, and feed the prepared food to meerkats and goats. I heard that baby tigers have grown up so much that they can’t hug and have to pet them. Even that, the zookeeper had a hard time because tigers didn’t like it.

How do you feel after playing zooKeeper? Well, the second child, who is six years old, enjoyed it, but the first child, who is nine years old, said it was hot and very difficult. Especially when feeding meerkats in the meerkat cage, my expression looked so bad due to the smell and heat. Even during the zooKeeper experience, the children are very hot, so you have to take water from time to time.
In my personal opinion, it doesn’t seem bad to watch reptile halls or other animals that you haven’t seen during your time.
At around 12 o’clock, zooKeeper finishes and quickly rides a tram to board a safari car. If you get off the tram in front of the giraffe restaurant and walk for about five minutes, you will see the safari bus boarding area.
I was looking forward to it because the safari bus air conditioner was coming out, but it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be. We finished our safari tour without any energy during the zooKeeper and said goodbye to Phu Quoc Safari.

Go to the Grand World and get on the massage and water taxi

I asked Whale Spa, located in Grand World, to pick me up on a 1 o’clock safari (pick-up costs $2), so as soon as I finished the safari tour, I left the safari and headed to the stop. When I got down, it was exactly 1 o’clock.
I got tired of the heat and hunger, so I drove to Whale Spa. The massage was reserved for 2 o’clock, so we decided to have lunch and get a massage at the co oi next to Whale Spa.
I had a lot of thoughts about what to do when booking a massage… I was a little busy on the safari, but I think it’s right to leave at 1 o’clock to have lunch at the Grand World.

Located right next to whale Spa, co oi was a popular Korean restaurant. I ate stir-fried noodles, bun cha, and braised egg pork, and they were easy to eat. Braised pork soy sauce and rice were the menu that the second child, who missed Korean food, ate very well.
I had a full lunch and got a 90-minute massage and nail treatment at the Whale spa I reserved in advance. The whale spa is also run by Koreans, and it is a popular massage shop with many reviews.

It was great to relax my tired body on a safari with a massage. It was perfect because the children had time to rest while they were tired. I had a good nap while getting a massage, so I was able to proceed with the next schedule refreshed.

whale spa and nail
whale spa and nail

It was past 4 o’clock after receiving massage and nails. As I walked through the Grand World, I saw an iron plate ice cream. The children said they wanted to try it, so they were resting while eating one by one, and the sun began to set.
You know that Grand World Water Taxi is the prettiest to ride at sunset, right? After eating ice cream, we moved to the water taxi place. I completed the reservation around 5 o’clock and boarded the water taxi.

grand world water taxi
grand world water taxi

Why is the sunset in Phu Quoc so beautiful? It was a scene where all the hardships of everyday life were forgotten. The driver takes a lot of family photos as well. I left several pictures of my life here. After riding a water taxi like this, the sun starts to set.
It was a day when I came out by shuttle at 9 a.m. and enjoyed Phu Quoc without a break until sunset. I ate a hamburger at Lotteria, located in the Grand World, and came back to my hotel.

When you come back to Melia, you can go to the nearest T1 or T2 stops in Grand World and take it. I’ll have to go to VIN Wonders tomorrow.

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