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Vietnam Phu Quoc travel story4 (Vinwonders)

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The Phu Quoc trip is also coming to an end. Finally, the day before I leave the country is here. Today is the day planned to go to vinWonders. I was a little tired from safari and grand world the day before, so I decided to wake up and move around in the afternoon. It’s not going well as planned before the trip. When you come on a trip, it seems right to only make big plans and move while watching the situation.

Relaxing breakfast and swimming in the pool

I ate breakfast quickly to visit the safari early the day before, so I decided to take my time and look around slowly today.
Melia had a wide variety of breakfasts. There were also banh mi foods that were not seen in Lazure, and there were more types of rice noodles.

melia breakfast
melia breakfast


After having a leisurely breakfast, we go straight to the swimming pool in front of the breakfast building. Some people were wearing bathing suits at the breakfast restaurant, but we took our swimsuits and changed in the dressing room. On the way back, I only wore a swimsuit and a cover-up, so I came back to the hotel.

melia pool
melia pool


I swim from around 10 o’clock, and even as it approaches 12 o’clock, it gets hot and I start worrying about lunch.
There is a restaurant where you can eat pizza and spaghetti while looking at a large aquarium at the Vinwonders Aquarium, so we decided to have lunch there, came back to our room, washed up, and changed clothes.

Move from Melia to vinwonders

There is a big aquarium in Vinwonders. There is a mermaid show at 2 o’clock, so I decided to go to Vinwonders in time.
I took a tuk-tuk to the lobby to catch the 1:30 shuttle from Melia and bought a Vinwonders ticket right from the lobby.

If you take the 1:30 shuttle and travel for about 10 minutes, you’ll be vinWonders. I recognized my face with my registered FACE ID and walked straight into the aquarium.
The Aquarium is located at the innermost side of vinwonders. Go straight to the end.



You can see the map of vinwonders by downloading the vinwonders app. The shape of the turtle on the upper right of the map is the aquarium. When I arrive at the aquarium feeling the hot sun, I am surprised by the huge scale.
It was about 1:50 when I arrived, but all the seats were filled to watch the Mermaid show. Only the children sat down, and my husband and I stood and watched the performance.

mermaid show video clip

The staff kept explaining it, but I couldn’t understand what you were saying. It wasn’t as much as I expected, but I think you can take a look.
I was hungry, so I looked for a restaurant first. When I went up to the second floor, I saw a restaurant, so I thought it was an aquarium restaurant that came out when I searched. I felt something strange when I ordered it, but when I ordered it, I found out that a local Vietnamese menu came out.

aquarium restaurant
aquarium restaurant


Sadly it wasn’t to my children’s taste and I only had a few foods to fill my stomach and left a lot
As I looked inside after eating, I saw a restaurant inside. It was a mistake not to recognize it properly…..
At 3 o’clock in the place where the Mermaid Show was held, there was a feeding show. The meal was not good, but I could see an unplanned feeding show.
As I left the cool aquarium, the heat came again. I quickly moved to the Ferris wheel and boarded the Ferris wheel. vinwonders liked that there was no waiting for the ride. You can board as soon as you want.
I enjoyed vinwonders while riding a Ferris wheel and watching the performance while slowly descending toward the main gate.
My second child was less than 120 centimeters tall, so I couldn’t ride many rides. The first child was a little disappointed because it was only a very childish ride.
There is also a water park in vinwonders, but I have to pack and change my swimsuit separately, and I don’t think I have enough time, so I decided to skip the water park.
As I walked around leisurely, ate ice cream, and took a ride that allowed people under 120 cm to participate, it was dark and the time for the Once Show was approaching.
We had some time left, so we stopped by the game village and enjoyed the game. It’s similar to an arcade in Korea, and it’s open until 6 p.m. and you can enjoy all the games for free.
Finally, it was 6:30 and the Once Show began. It was a very large-scale performance. It was a fun sight to see with water, fire, and colorful lights.

once show video clip

After the Once Show, I stopped by the convenience store on my way out to the exit to buy something to eat and returned to Melia.
This is the end of the day in Phu Quoc.
Tomorrow, I’m going to spend time in Melia until I check out.
I will introduce the room service and restaurant menus I ate at Melia in the next post.

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